Dirty Chat With Mistress Gemini

This dirty chat Mistress is all that you crave. A sensual, sexy bitch with a very dirty mouth and is a little on the evil side or maybe that should be A LOT Evil! My love for taunting and teasing useless men gets me so riled up that I need a nice big cock available to fuck me. I need your worthless self to stay near and watch that long fat fuckstick penetrate and fuck my whore pussy.

You are to submit to me completely and be prepared to worship my ass. I require your tongue to explore my bum hole and suck that cum out. Get every juicy drop of that brown gooey mess that got stirred up by the big cocks that fucked me. You will only get to tongue fuck me at the closest, loser. You will wear my soiled panties and and a buttplug as you crawl around for my friends and act like a good little gimp.

Dirty Chat

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