Dirty Phone Talk

Dirty phone talk See this nice young whore’s twat I am munching on? This is my niece. A great little slut! Has been since she was a wee little one. Her P Daddy and P Mommies taught her well. Her cunt taste so yummy. Her holes so fucking tight. I had two fingers in the pink and one in the stink. Fingering between the two holes. Spanking that ass as she humps on my face and fingers. I did not get left out in the cold my cunt got some munching on too. We played for hours. We took turns fucking each other with dildos. Eating each other out. Every time she would cum her cunt would get sloppy fucking wet. Hoover fucking dam style. And her cum has such a sweet taste to it. That just leaves an aftertaste for hours. We definitely had made a cummy mess all over the bedroom. But no matter how many times our juices squirted out of us. We were still horny as fuck! We could not get enough! We knew what was missing. Some real hard good fucking cock. There was only one person we could think of to call. Her Daddy my brother. We begged him to come over and give us his cock we were dirty talking women trying to get his ass over here. We knew he would come over he just wanted to hear us plead for a bit. He said he would be over in fifth-teen minutes and that he wanted us both on our knees completely naked so he could take his cock between our two mouths to start with. We had a few minutes so we did a quickly on each other before we got on our knees. We could here the door open, and the footsteps to the bedroom door. The door opening. My brother standing there. He smirked at us. Walking in releasing his cock for my niece and I to play with.

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