Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

 I do not do too much talking since I believe my mouth should only be full of cock. And plus, what gets your point across better then fucking a really fat cock down your throat? My son is making me so wet and horny. He is always walking around with a throbbing hard cock that just needs to be milked.

He just got out of the shower with a throbbing hard erection. I approach him and get on my knees. I tell him to let me do what I do best- and take care of him. I suck on his cock head and lick the pre cum right out of his dick hole. His balls are getting so swollen.

I make his cock so sticky and sloppy. I stand up and bend over towards the counter and tell him to slide that cock right into my pussy. He grabs my hips and watches my face in the mirror as he pumps his cock harder inside of me. I am squirting all over that dick. I need him to pour that cum right inside of my mommy cunt!

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