Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

 I am visiting my daddy at work today. He has been so busy and I have not had his cock in so long cause he has been at work non stop. I show up at his office and close the door behind me. He is sitting at his desk and in shock when I drop my coat. I am dressed in some sexy attire that I know makes his cock throb as soon as he sees me.

I get on my hands and knees and crawl over to him. His cock is bulging out of his pants and begging to be unleashed. I open his zipper and slide his cock into my mouth so that I can fuck him into my throat. His cock is pulsating in my mouth.

I make sure to rub that cock against my taste buds and sure enough, it starts oozing hot pre cum right into my mouth. I straddle him in his chair and push him inside of me. I bounce up and down sliding his thick cock in and out of my pussy. I can not wait to squirt on that daddy dick and to get his cum.

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