Dirty Phone Talk Humiliation

dirty phone talkDirty phone talk with a nasty teen slut like me is really going to make your cock fucking throb, especially when I am humiliating you while doing so! Hehe, just how you like it! Beg to touch, play, kiss and suck all over this perfect little cunt and all of it’s goodness, it drives you wild how sloppy wet I can get without you even touching me! It’s so much fun to tease you and watch your shaft get thicker and longer as each second passes by, moan loud for me and tell me how much of a filthy pervert you are for a young little cum whore like me! My body is a wonderland and you want to explore every inch from head to toe, just like a good dirty pervert should! I can’t help but laugh and make fun of you as I humiliate you for having such a sick fantasy, but at the same time, I can’t blame you! Having kinky phone sex with dirty talking women is so damn sexy, it’s no wonder you’re obsessed with me!

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