Dirty Phone Talk Sex Therapy

Dirty phone talkHe was really into rap, so even though it’s not really my thing, I agreed to hold our next session at the concert he had tickets to. There were no seats at the concert, it was all standing, and the bodies were pressing in to one another. As the concert drew on, I kept feeling my ass cheeks being brushed up against, but didn’t think anything of it. At least, not until I felt a hand lift my skirt and slide over my ass, between my cheeks. Then, I felt the unmistakable head of a dick starting to penetrate my ass, and my client was suddenly directly in front of me. He wrapped my leg around his hips as he drove himself into my cunt. Dirty talking womenSuddenly, I was full as fuck, 2 dicks inside of me, one who which I had no idea who it belonged to. They started fucking me to the beat of the song that was playing, and didn’t stop til the concert was over. I came over and over, my cunt and ass being worked raw, and I know I moaned and screamed fairly loudly, but it all seemed to just blend in with the other noises. I may have to do concerts more often!

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