Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

I am in my bed completely naked and sexting this older guy that I have been having the hots for. He said that his cock would get super hard if he got some naked photos of my little tiny body. I for sure am down to flaunt my body.

I snapped a picture of my hard nipples that are completely erect from me being so horny. He then sent a picture back to me of his nine inch throbbing hard cock. Seeing his cock made me so soaking wet! I want that cock buried inside my pussy.

Since he made my pussy so wet, I thought he should be able to see my soaking wet pink little pussy hole. I took a video of me finger fucking my tight pink pussy hole. I let him see how it would be to fuck me hard and deep.

My pussy needs his cock, I texted him my address and as soon as he showed up I snuck him through my window. My parents are asleep so I am free to let that cock thrust inside my pussy all that I want!

I spread my thighs, inviting him to shove his bare cock into me. He was stretching me so far apart with his huge dick. I begged for him to slam his cock deeper and hard into me. I felt my pussy twitching and squirted all over his sticky dick.

I could feel his cock swelling up like it needed to explode. He took his cock out and aimed it on my face and squirted his juicy jizz all over my face.

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