Dirty phone talk with my slutty ass..

dirty phone talk

I got really ballsy yesterday night, when I went to local pub with my brother. I just kept drinking and drinking, and I  couldn’t really stop. Especially with all the guys lining up at the bar waiting to buy me a drink.

My buzz was incredible and my brother was extremely jealous since he pretty much wanted me to him self that night, since we hardly ever see one another. Well three hours flew by and it was now one am and I was too drunk to walk.

My brother carried me to the car and we continued our journey to my apartment. I guess its true with what they say, alcohol Is liquid courage since I got on my whore knees and began sucking my brothers cock once we got inside my apartment. I could care less if he wanted me or not.

I just felt so comfortable with him and I just couldn’t resist the craving for his delicious giant cock. My brother had no issue with what was happening since he kept pushing my head down his huge cock and I just kept sucking and swallowing his giant mushroom head.

I laid down and pointed at my pink wet pussy and begged my brother to fuck me! I guess I had the luck of the Irish since I couldn’t stop fucking and cumming all over my brothers cock.

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