Daddy loves dirty talking women

dirty talking womenDaddy loves dirty talking women, that’s why I got this job in the first place! He likes it when I tell him all of the dirty things I talk about, plus sometimes we try new things together just cus I heard about them during a hot call. Like the other day I told Daddy about this one call where I had to get an enema and a spanking and I had to rub my clitty the whole time and beg Daddy for more. It hurt me to be so full like that and he spanked me so hard too! But I kept rubbing my clitty and even tho it hurt… it kinda felt good too! We made such a mess tho, when I came it forced all that enema water out of me too and it sprayed out everywhere! All Daddy could do was laugh, he didn’t even make me clean it up right away, he just shoved his cock in my little bottom and fucked me super hard! It was awesome and messy and we both would definitely do it again!

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