Dirty Talking Women

Dirty phone talkWhen I was a younger BBW I used to do Dirty phone talk for free with strange random men I would find in Yahoo sex chat rooms. Ha! Remember them? I had a knack for having phone sex with these strange kinky men as their girlfriends or wives slept next to them snoring away. It was such a thrill such a turn on for me listening to their fantasies feeling my own cunt ache with their words until I finally gave in finger blasting myself. I swear it became like crack to me I was addicted to having these taboo sex phone conversations. I would stay up later and later trolling the chat rooms chatting with any guys I could find. Then one day just chatting about phone sex wasn’t enough anymore. I went out and bought myself a nice webcam setup brought it home and hooked it up to my desktop. Now I could perform their fantasies out for these men live and in their faces. And they could watch me get myself off. I was on my cam almost 24/7 always looking for the next dick to get off and to get me off. My cunt was never dry knowing all eyes were glued to me and my big luscious curvy sexy body. I couldn’t sleep anymore all I did was feed my face and do my webcam shows. It was getting to the point where even the shows were not enough and I was craving more. And in one night my craving was satisfied. I was doing a show for a group of men when one private messaged me on the side telling me what I needed to do was make some money and turn the shows into real-time action. Listening to him go on and on about all the sex perks and money I knew this was the next step for me and thus my porn career was born.

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