Dirty talking women, a tricky but sometimes treat Valentine.

          Dirty talking women, a tricky but sometimes treat Valentine.  Now, I am not always a sweet, kind, mommy who pats her tykes on the head and gives them an apple before sending them out to play. In fact, this time of the year. This naughty trickster decides that tricks are much more enthralling.

          The tykes are like little gremlins. A nice, sweet and furry, but feed them after dark. You get the evil little crotch goblins out. These are the ones I would let you play all sorts of tricks on. No need for the treats. They are your treats. If you try to treat them then you will get the trick from me.

          We will have the best dirty phone talk possible, as the sky is not even the limit. Don’t have any limits and I will expect that cock to be hard. After all it is the season for tricks and treats and you cock is a treat to be played with. Long and hard. Down the throat, up the ass, and let us not forget up that tight, bald, shaved, and pussy. Take your pick or even better take every single orifice to leave your sweet treat of cum behind.

          In summary if you handle the treat, being your cock, I will supply the trick to the crotch goblins on being fed after dark. Just remember that you are getting them wet and they will multiply and cause even more mischief. Going to have to coat them all.

          Afterwards we women will get together with our crotch goblins to see who played the best tricks and who had the best treats. Are you going to the best treat of them all? I am thinking yes.

Dirty talking women

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