Dirty Talking Women and Younger Boys

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the best. We have no limits. Take me for example. I am in my 50s and most of my lovers are still in high school. I love young dick. My lovers are even younger than my sons. I had two weeks where young teen boys were out of school. Despite the nasty weather we had in New York City, young boys were in Central Park daily riding sleds, making snowmen and having snowball fights. I bundled up every day for two weeks and went to the park to score some young lovers. I had these elaborate seduction schemes planned out, but it turns out I did not need any of them. Dressed all cute in my ski bunny outfit, the boys hit on me. Sometimes, schoolgirls did too. The last day of school vacation, I played with a brother and a sister. It reminded me of my sons and daughter. We all played when they were young school age, and we still play. I love eating hairless pussy and smooth dick. Just my offspring are all grown up now and out of the house. This phone sex milf needs young cock and pussy. So, I make sure I get some daily. I have lots of stories of molesting young ones like that brother and sister from Central Park.

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