Dirty Talking Women know how to sell little holes

Dirty Talking women are mommy sluts who know how to sell little holes. You are a dirty cock daddy who likes little slut butt holes. “This is my youngest brat” I say as I bring my little slut into the room. Since I want you to inspect her closely, I have her stand on my bed. “Bend over for daddy” you say as you grope her little body. Then you spread her little ass cheeks and get a full view of what you wanted. That tight little butt hole.

Your mouth is hungry and salivating. Therefore you dive in with your tongue to her little hole. As you lick her hole you pull your pcock out and stroke it. You feed on her bum like a starving animal. I watch as a line of gooey precum starts to drip from your cock. Before it dripped off you stood up and rubbed it on her little asshole. “It will only hurt a bit” you moan as you ram your dick in her tight ass hole.

Dirty Talking Women

She lets out a yelp but then you quickly start to rub her clitty. “That always makes any hoe relax and loosen up” you moan as you continue to fuck her hard. “It isn’t good if your cock doesn’t end up filthy” you wink saying to me as you hard pound her ass. Finally your balls tighten up and you start pumping your big load inside her. Once you deposit every drop of semen inside her, you pull your dick out. Just like you, your cock comes out drippy and dirty. That is why you love a mommy like me.

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