Dirty Talking Women are nasty aunties

Dirty talking women like your aunty know how to milk a young boy cock. First you have to make aunty feel good. “Come lick aunties cunty” I ask of you. Your tongue knows what I like now, after years of me training you to please any woman like your aunty. “Good job nephew, you know how to use your tongue on me” I cheer you on as you continue to lick my aunty hole. “Now pull your cock out and stroke it”.

Dirty Talking Women

“Aunty wants to see how much you love licking her juices”. Then I see you pull that young nephew hard cock out and you stroke it. “Oh your cock needs a wet gooey hole doesn’t it” I ask you. After you nod, I grab your dick and guide it into my cunt while saying “fuck aunty like I showed you”. Since I am ready to cum, I bounce my pussy while I rub my clit.

Then when I feel like I am close to orgasm, I wrap my legs around you and squeeze your tight inside. “Oh aunty I feel you squeezing my dick”. “I can’t hold my nut” you say as your body tenses up. Finally your cock starts pumping that young strong semen inside me. “I bet you will get knocked up from that one” you say as you kiss aunty to thank her. 

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