Dirty Talking Women are Submissive Whores Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are all I know. Submissive whores too. I got into the phone sex business so I could improve my submissive skills. The men who call me want much more from me than my Master. In fact, my callers make my Master appear vanilla in comparison. Master likes to make me worship his cock and ass. He enjoys spanking and bondage games. He also enjoys sharing me with his friends. However, my callers like extreme humiliation like scat and piss play. They enjoy abusing my jail bait daughter too. BDSM games to my callers leaves a mark too. Every day I am dirty talking MILF to men who hate women. Men who want to not just degrade me, but want to hurt me too. Some even want to hurt me dead. I know it is all fantasy play, but it still scares me that I might meet a man like one of my callers at a BDSM club one day. I never realized how lucky I was with my vanilla Master who never leaves a permanent mark on me. He is getting so old though. He is talking about relinquishing me. When he does that, who knows what will happen to me. It is a scary world for a submissive slut. What would be my fate if I was your whore?

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