Dirty Talking Women are the Best

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the best. I am a teacher by day, dirty talking chick by night. Technically, as a school teacher I have to adhere to a morality clause which means I should not be moonlighting as a phone sex slut. But I have always been an overly sexualized woman. Nymphomaniac was the old school term, but sex addict is the current terminology. I just like the term horny slut. I get all hot and bothered during the school day seeing those young chiseled studs. Often times I have to excuse myself to the bathroom so I can rub one out. I masturbate a dozen times a day easily. How many times a day do you whack off?  I know, jealous? Women can play with the kitty all day long and still cum. You men  have a limited pool of cum to work with on any given day. Add in my dirty phone talk time and I bet I cum even more than that in a day. I love mutual masturbation. Hearing a man stroke his cock makes me want to rub my purring pussy. Last night I had a wicked hot call with a young college stud who wanted to age play that he was younger and so very hot for teacher. He stayed after school for detention but instead of banging erasers, he banged the teacher. He banged her butt bent over her desk with an apple in her mouth. Talk about the garden of temptation. Not only was I tempting a young student with my mature sexy body, but that very same young student was tempting this naughty teacher with his young hard cock. We fucked for hours on my desk after school until I was filled up with cum and his balls were completely drained.  I love my moonlighting job. Helps me live out my own dirty fantasies.

dirty phone talk

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