Dirty talking women are the best kind of women!

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the best kind of women… I’m sure you agree, right? Well, my neighbor seems to think that there is something wrong with me because he hears me over here talking dirty! He says I’m a whore and all kinds of nasty shit but he’s only bitching cus he is single as fuck and horny as hell! I decided to really fuck with him today, I went out in my backyard totally naked and did a call right where I knew he could see me. I was moaning real loud and rubbing my pussy and totally carrying on like a crazy woman when I noticed the curtains start to shake. I could see him peeping out the window, he was watching me and stroking that horny cock of his! I knew he would, I knew he was just being hateful cus he needed to cum. I bet after this he won’t be bitching any more! Maybe he will even get the nerve to come over here and actually talk to me!

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