Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

I went double dating with a friend of mine and her boyfriend. It was really fun, we got super drunk and we danced on one another in every single club we walked through. I know her boyfriend was getting turned on by me, not that I could feel a hard on pressed against my ass.

My date had an enormous cock, and there was no secret that he wanted to fuck me and my friend right there. It got later so we all headed back to my place. Me and my friend stripped out of our short dresses and decided to tease the boys by kissing one another.

My date dropped his pants so fast, unleashing his huge cock. My friends date took his time and when his pants finally came off all we could do was laugh! We sucked on my dates cock, sharing it and deep throating it getting it sloppy wet! We were not about to please her date with his tiny cock.

I spread my pussy over his cock and fucked him inside of me. He beat his huge dick in and out of my cunt. My friend sucked on his cum filled nuts and we eventually swapped positions. He pumped her pussy full of cum. We looked at her untouched date and he was begging to unload his load.

We gave him permission to bust on our feet but we weren’t going to do it for him! Only real men get to sink their cocks inside of us! Maybe his little dicked self can clean the cum out of us!

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