Dirty Talking Women are the Best

dirty talking womenDirty talking women fuck the best. Everyone knows that women who cuss and speak their minds are the best lays around. I saw this young boy at the pool that caught my fancy. Teen boy. Long and lean; looked athletic to me. I knew he probably had a big dick for his age because of his height. I went up to him after I made sure he had no parental units around. I told him to show me his cock. Why waste time? I am not going to jail over a small dick. If I get arrested, at least I want to say I had a hell of a fuck.  He whipped it out quickly so no one else would see. I gave him my address and he followed me home on his bike.  His cock was impressive. My sons are pretty young still. Horny little devils, but they have not yet grown into their cocks. This boy was 7 inches already and still growing. He was pretty thick too.  I gave him one hell of a blow job. Actually, we did 69 position. I love how eager young boys are to lick my pussy. He lapped at my cunt like it was melted ice cream. His tongue probed in and out of my pussy and ass. My pussy was purring and leaking special milk all over his face. Just made him bury himself deeper in my pussy. Someone taught the boy some pussy eating skills. I got on top of his throbbing rod so I could be in control. He made me feel amazing. I managed to position myself just right so my clit rubbed up and down his cock making me cum. Feeling me gush over his cock, sent a wave of boy batter up my pussy.  He was just what I needed on one of the last days of summer. Ready for some dirty talk with a naughty mommy yet?

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