Dirty talking women enjoy each others company

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women are the most fun. My friend and I were getting tired of complaining about the lack of good dick. We took matters into our own hands and decided to have fun with each other. What is better than two women who know how to use fun toys? Two women who can get kinky and have no limits at all.

It started with a kiss and ended up being the ice breaker to some fun tongue flickering between the two of us.

My cunt rubbing against hers was the best. I loved feeling her wet silky pussy against mines. My cunt and hers were dripping and felt so good as our clits were orgasming. My asshole got a greeting from her finger. I felt her finger go deep inside me and pulsate until I began to combust once again. My toys kept us company, and it was a ton of fun. I could feel her lick my asshole and I did the same.

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