Dirty Phone Talk With Mommy

Dirty phone talk

My mommy cunt gets so creamy and wet whenever I talk dirty. I love young horny boys with foul mouths and big cocks. Whenever my eldest son is away, he never forgets to phone home to his mommy and talk nasty dirty stories into my ear. I love my horny boy. I love how he strokes his thick juicy young cock for me on the phone. And I love when he tells mommy how naughty he has been and how much he misses plunging his juicy cock into my birth hole. Mommy gets so horny thinking of my boy jacking off for mommy on the phone. I love rubbing my mommy clitty for him with my hands. He gets me so horny I have to summon his younger brother to come lick my mommy cunt while I whisper all the dirty things I would have him do when he returns to me. Horny sons must promise to save their cream for mommy’s mouth after all. I need all my sons to ejaculate their sweet cream deep within me. Mommy loves milking those young prostates into my mouth and fuck

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