Dirty Talking Women give head and candy for Halloween

Dirty Talking Women know that boys need more than candy on Halloween they need mommy to suck their meat. “Will you feed mommy a big load?” I ask my boy as I shove his dick in my mouth. “Yes mommy I big load” you say as you pop some candy from your treat bag into your mouth. My mouth slurped up his cock and pushed it deep in my throat like I want it in my cunt. He loves my big mom jugs, that is why I use them to squeeze his cock. But I haven’t let my son cum yet.

Dirty Talking Women

First I want to ride his cock and make my mom cunt squirt. As you feel my pussy riding you, your mouth latches onto my nipples. “Suck on me son keep going mommy will cum soon” I moan out as I keep riding you. Finally my pussy starts to twitch and squeeze. “I’m coming son!” Is all I can say. Then just like he wanted he starts filling his mommy’s pussy up with all his sperm. The Dirty phone talk I was giving him while cuming made him bust hard. What he loves is knowing his sperm swims up into my womb and could get me pregnant.

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