Dirty Talking Women Kelly

Dirty Talking Women

I have heard the stories from other dirty talking women. Apparently, they always come back crazy and different after he takes them to a faraway place. Sometimes they return after a day, sometimes a week, even months. But, they always come back broken with pussies full of cum. I was worried when he came for me next. But, I can’t deny that my pussy wasn’t wet, and excited to see what was in store for me at this faraway place. He had busted down the door with his dark smile, dark eyes, and dark hair. My world went black the moment I saw him and when I woke up, I was chained to a bed and there were two boys who looked nearly identical with their cocks out for me. I thought I was seeing double until I noticed one had a shaved cock and the other didn’t. I didn’t fight it either, they liked this. I opened my mouth and felt one cock hit the back of my throat while his brother grabbed a fistful of my hair and helped him fuck my face. The one with hair on his cock crawled up onto his knees and onto the bed with his cock centered between my pussy lips. that was when I noticed the man from before watching me in the corner while fisting his cock. A whimper escaped as my throat continued to be fucked. Another man was watching in a different corner with white hair and black eyes. He didn’t have his cock out but, I could see him struggling to keep it in his pants. I felt the cock in my throat cum a heavy load into my mouth and I was sure to swallow it all. As I do he pulls out and the other behind me, thrusts into my pussy! I let out a scream and my pussy grows wetter knowing I’m being fucked in front of all of them like a whore. What else will they do to break me?

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