Dirty Talking women LUV Car sex

dirty talking women


Dirty talking women always fuck the best! 

I met this man last night as I was leaving the strip club. He was telling me that he loved my tits and wanted to fuck my ass right there. I looked him up and down and said if he could handle a whore like me he would have to pay. The only reason I would fuck him is if he had a nice thick and long cock. I waited for his response and he laughed as he pulled out a baggy filled with white powder and opened his car door. He remarked at how filthy my mouth was. I knew he just wanted to see how far down I could slob his knob! With A  line of blow off the dashboard I began to unzip his pants. What came bouncing out was a nice long dick! I smeared a little cocaine around the tip of that dick and began making work of deepthroating him. This man pulled my hair and moaned so loud as I squeezed his balls and gave him a sloppy ass blow job! The doep was good and my pussy was already slippery and making it known she needed some cock! 


Dirty phone talk slut fucks in the car!


My stranger fuck with the  large cock and cocaine pulled around to the back of the lot. I wiggled out of my panties and bra and crawled over into the back seat. But that kinky fucker stuck his fingers in my ass hole liek a bwling ball. So, here I am ass to the world, pussy on display getting finger fucked between the front seats! You know i love being on display and all, but I so needed to be fucked. My new friend enjoyed how I bucked back with my ass hole. And I knew that he needed a good hole for anal fucking! Beep-Beep!

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