Dirty talking women make you feel so good

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women make you feel great. Mommy took me to her boss’s house for a little pit stop. I  caught mommy sucking his dick minutes later. I couldn’t believe my mom was cheating on my daddy. She was taking every bit of her boss’s cock inside her. Now I know her late nights at the office, and I couldn’t stop staring. I rubbed my cunt that night, thinking about his juicy cock inside my mom. Now I know where I get my slut gene from.

I’m sure her boss wanted a piece of my ass, too, but mommy doesn’t like to share. It’s all good cause I always get daddy dick.

My mom begged me not to spill the beans. I made her promise that I, too, would enjoy her boss’s cock on her next pitstop. I got my wish not long after that, precisely an hour later. Not sure if she mentioned it to her boss or if it was a coincidence. All I know is that I got my cravings met.

Seeing is believing but enjoying is the next level. I’m so glad I got my holes filled by his cock.

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