Dirty Talking Women P. Mommies

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty talking women that is how you describe us P. Mommies. My girlfriend and I got together over coffee and started comparing our two hot teen sluts. I told her that my teen daughter is the queen of deepthroat blowjobs and she totally disagreed. She seems to think that her daughter has better blowjob skills.

So I told her we could resolve this debate once and for all. That was when I called you to come over. You have always been my hot kinky next door neighbor who likes to fuck my little girls. So I knew you would be the perfect man to decide who gives the best blow job.

Her slutty teen daughter with her long curly light brown hair and hazel eyes was the first contestant up. She grabbed ahold of your cock and started stroking the shaft of it with her hand while her mouth sucked on your fat mushroom head. She slide her soft teen lips all the way down the shaft of your cock and back up again.

Then it was my blonde haired blue eyed daughter’s turn. She licked up and down the shaft of your hard throbbing cock. She slide her pink lip gloss covered lips all the ways down your shaft. Smearing the lip gloss all over your cock. She came back up and swirled her tongue around on the head of your big thick cock before gliding her lips all the way back down to the base of your hard cock.

She had every inch of your hard throbbing cock in her mouth and she created a vacuum effect by swallowing with your cock in her mouth. Your cock exploded in her warm wet teen mouth covering her mouth in your creamy salty cum shower. She happily slurped it all down and licked your cock clean. You, however, being the sly grey haired fox that you are would not announce a winner. You told us that you would need to have them suck your cock a few more times to make a decision like that.Kinky phone sex




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