Dirty Talking Women use your ass fetish to dominate you

Dirty talking women are the hotties you couldn’t get with. The ones that know you have an ass fetish and you will pay anything to get a booty in your face. “Your ass is just like my high-school crush” you say as you give me my fee. I undress and I’m taking everything off right in front of you. “Look at your price” I say to him as I wiggle my ass in his face.

After I spread my ass cheeks, you start to sniff my holes. Then you start to lick my ass hard and even stick your tongue in it. Since you have a little dicky the size of your tongue tip. You fuck my asshole using your tongue. That small cock of your could never fuck me. Therefore you take advantage of what you can and fuck my tight asshole. As you lick me, I rub my clitty. “You want me to feed you” I said teasingly.

Dirty Talking Women

“I’ll eat anything you got baby” he said taking a breath as he dove back into licking me. “Lay down” I demand of you. Right away you do as I want because you love Dirty phone talk and when I use you. Therefore I climb on top of your face and start yo fuck your mouth hard. I could feel my  pussy pounding and rubbing on your lips. That is all I needed, I started squirting hard. I could hear your trying to drink all my juices. When I was done I could see your little dick was cummy. “You got fed so good” I say as I get off your face.

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