I’m his good little princess

dirty talking womenFrom a young age, my uncle had always told me that I was his good little princess. Now that I’m older, he still calls me his good little princess, and he fucks me even harder than he used to it seems like. I don’t know if it was the way puberty impacted my body, giving me nice, full breasts and an ass to kill for, or something else, but it’s like an animal was unleashed inside of him. We usually fuck at least once a day, sometimes more if he feels up to it, and I usually make him feel up to it. My favorite thing that he’s taught me is how to ride cock. It’s a good skill I’ve used on quite a few boys, and I can usually make them cum pretty quick, but my uncle lasts longer. He’s used to my tight little pussy bouncing up and down on his thick pole. My body always quakes with pleasure as he pumps me full of his cum, and every time he leaves I have a smile on my face. Maybe it’s just my love of cock, or maybe it’s just how my uncle’s cock makes me feel, I still can’t tell. But I can’t get enough of it!

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