lipstick lesbians


I have a girl crush my next door neighbor is one hot Latina just like me I can’t resist. I’ve been cheating on my boyfriend for a while with this hot lesbian. She’s a lipstick lesbian I have always had a thing for lipstick lesbians they make my pussy tingle. My pussy is so fucking wet just staring at her and I definitely want her. I love dirty talking women, and she was filthy as fuckYou know what Loretta wants Loretta gets it’s always been that way and will always be that way. I invited her over and things quickly turned sexual. I am just her licked her pussy and let her lick mine. We went into my treasure chest of toys. I loved using all my toys on her and using the double end dildo was hot. I got off so much more with her than I ever did with my husband who needs a small dick loser.

dirty talking women

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