Bridgette And Wynona Are Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women

It’s only natural to be turned on by dirty talking women like Bridgette and I. We’re whores, and if there’s one thing we love, it’s choking on a fat fucking cock. Well, it’s been hard to get any dick during quarantine. Since Bridgette and I are roommates, we devised a devious plan! She and I made a mutual Tinder where we perused a broad and sexy selection of superior Alpha cock. We set up eight dates, all across the span of 24 hours!
For an entire day, me and my slim and trim girl sucked and fucked a myriad of cocks; they were all big, and almost all of them were BBC! These boys didn’t know it was a threesome when they rolled in, but they all left satisfied with empty balls and soaking wet cocks. Me and Bridgette took at least twenty loads that day, between our hot juicy cunts, our hungry little mouths, and our tight little anal fuck holes.
I’m a delicious BBW whore who loves to snack on cock all day long. I’ve got huge fucking tiddies and a need to fuck every cock presented. Bridgette is a beautiful, slender, sophisticated Goddess who, whorishly enough, is the sensual experience. She’s got a tight, fat bouncy ass! And perfect tits what make you wish your hands were bigger; those perky little nipples are to die for. At the end of that 24, we two sluts laid in her bed and sighed, completely content at being full little cum dumpsters. I lulled her to sleep with my thumb rubbing circles on her perfect clitty button, and nibbling at her delicious nipples. Tomorrow, we’d have to make a plan to get more cock.

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