Dirty phone talk with Daddy’s girl Dawn

dirty phone talkDirty phone talk with my nasty, perverted Daddy is what I love best. Whenever he calls me up to have some fun, my slutty little pussy gets instantly soaking wet. I want my pussy eaten by my Daddy’s wild tongue so badly right now, I always look forward to his cum dripping down my chin as I guzzle his cock down while he’s face first deep inside of my my yummy cunny. Getting my clit licked in all directions drives me crazy and feels so fucking good! After Daddy devours me, he gives me a sloppy kiss on my lips so that I can be reminded of how amazing I taste. His fingers are so long and big, i’m always so sore and sensitive from having them plunging in and out of me in such a rough manner like how Daddy does it. He loves warming himself up between my thighs, hehe. Dirty talking women are his weakness, that’s why i’m his bad, naughty little girl!

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