Dirty talking women

dirty talking women

My best friend went out of town to visit her parents while her husband stayed behind. I thought I would be a great friend and take her husband dinner since that’s what a true friend does. I knocked on her door and her husband answered the door looking really shocked to see me at the door in a really short tight white dress that is almost see through. It literally gives no imagination you can see everything and anything. He greets me with a huge smile letting me come in since I brought food. Once I was in the house I flat said that I was there to take care of his cock while his wife was out of town. He looked at me with such disbelief while I held his hand walking him into his bedroom. I hopped on the bed on all fours ripping off my dress exposing my nude body. He quickly grabbed me by the hips pulling me towards his cock, I felt his huge mushroom slide in with a squirt sound since I was extremely wet. I could feel his nuts slapping my ass as he pounded my pussy. In such a kinky voice I begged him to go harder and faster, begging him to fuck me like his wife but better. I guess it was feeling way to good for him that he came really fast all inside my pussy. I got so turned on that got on top and rode his cock until I came leaving his sausage covered in my juices. I told him to call me so we could do this again since it was so hot. To bad I got him in trouble since he forgot to point the camera the other direction since his wife just saw me fucking his brains out.

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