I got blackmailed

Dirty phone talk

Girls all say how much they hate cum, why? What is wrong with some jizz on your titties? I fucking love having my son and his friends to blow their loads all over me! Friday night’s my house is the place to be for my friends and all of his friends. This all got started when his friends were telling him how hot I am, and how they would love to suck on my big titties. He broke down and told them about how close we are. He wanted them to be jealous but instead they turned on us. My son’s friends said they were going to tell their parents and teachers unless I would be their cum whore mommy too. How the fuck did I just get blackmailed by a bunch of brats? I acted like I was worried, but inside I was jumping for joy! More young hard cock for me and more cum loads to have dumped on me and in me! Christmas came early this year! 

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