Dirty talking women and a headrush

dirty talking women

Your thirst for dirty talking women is how you found me. My lack of a gag reflex is what made you stay. When I walked into your hotel room you had that gigantic woody in your hands. Long stroking it. Fuck my pussy is so wet Just looking at beautiful long shaft and the huge mushroom head. I drop to my knees and start sucking and licking up and down it. Yes, baby lay back and just enjoy this shit. You have your hand on the back of my head forcing yourself balls deep in my mouth. I’m not gagging baby, fuck my face harder. I can feel your veins throbbing on my tongue. I start sucking harder and harder until you push me off of you. You bend me over the bed and ram your cock in my ass. Watching as your dick disappears into my cheeks. You can’t hold back much longer. Yes, I’m cumming too. Shit that was a fucking headrush.


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