Dirty Talking Women and Piss Play

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the only kind in my opinion. I get chastised for talking like a sailor. I don’t care what folks think of me. I am a dirty old whore. My daughters are young whores. My husband loves us more for talking dirty and fucking dirtier. Last night we had a golden showers party. I am not just a dirty talker. I am a dirty whore too. I like to get kinky. My husband pissed on me by mistake ions ago. We were fucking, we were high, and it happened. I liked it. Since then, my entire family dabbles in piss play. Last night, my daughters had some friends over to celebrate the end of the school year. Teen girls from vanilla homes, but with curious minds. I was doing coke, so were the girls and we started sharing nasty sexual experiences. I thought we might gross the girls out, but we intrigued them.  I am a dirty MILF, I was happy to show them how golden showers sex works. We all went into the Master bath which has a huge walk in shower. We pissed on each other like boys do playing crossing streams. It was a wet and wild naughty time. Dirty talkers have the best phone sex stories to share.

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