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Only my sore whore holes will remember anything at all happens. Do all the kinky shit with me that your wife won’t do! For the most part I just love being stuffed and fucked and high. But there have been times when I was a needy dope whore willing to sell her soul for a hit! You’re in for some naughty fun this with a blonde whore, I know just what you’re looking for! 😈

Dirty talking woman are often the most kinky on your cock

Let’s have some hot, nasty fun together! There’s nothing better than a kinky dope chasing slut and the perfect fuck you’ve been fantasizing about. I’ve been finger fucking my hot pussy all night long and craving your cock!

It’s all up to you, baby, what you want to do with me. There are endless possibilities of dirty phone talk with a nasty, cum dump slut like me. Despite the last big dick gapping my whore holes, this pussy hole is still so creamy filled with sticky cum. Stretch my tight cumholes with your big fuck-rod while I’m bent over! Fuck me hard and fill me up with your cum. I’m all yours to use and abuse. I’m your cum-hungry whore!

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I hope you don’t make me beg for it, but if that’s what makes that dick hard, I’ll do it! I want to get fucked on this prostuite pussy that’s drippy! Now I just need you to call with your stiff, throbbing cock!

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