Dirty Talking Women are perfect Hookers that you need

Dirty Talking Women love being a trailer trash whore. I know when I meet a guy, I can have him. I just have to flash him my tits or pussy and he falls to his feet. He wants to taste my cunt knowing i might just have been fucked and filled up with a big load of cum. That makes my cunt even tastier for you, doesn’t it? I make sure you know that touching me isn’t free and you must pay. Once we discuss the price and you agree, we go to your car. You tell me to show you what a fucking slut i am, so i pull your dick out and push it down my throat. I do so much blow that my throat gets numb, and I have no gag reflex. It helps me a lot when i suck a big hard dick. I make your toes curl and I know I am close to sucking your nut out. But you want more, and you make me bend over in your backseat. Then you see my little diamond butt plug and you get excited knowing I take cock in my asshole too. It turns you on thinking about the hard dick i get my asshole filled up by that you start pounding my pussy harder. Finally, you want to hear Dirty phone talk and once i tell you to make me into your personal druggy anal whore, you start pumping my pussy with your big pervert load of thick gooey semen. You ask me for my asshole and that is when I tell you it is extra, and I need more blow. You agree before we go back to my place. You want to take time to build your nut up. You want my asshole to be dripping with your load. 

Dirty Talking Women


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