Dirty Talking Women are used for family holiday traditions

Dirty Talking Women have holiday traditions. Our family tradition is to have me milk all the dicks in the family. This year my son had an idea. “Mom this year I want you to suck grandpas dick while I fuck you in front of everyone”. He says with a smirk in his face. “I love that idea son” I respond. “Bring grandpa into the living room” i ask my son to do. Once grandpa was in the living room right away I pulled his cock out.

Dirty Talking Women


Right away I put his old limp dick in my mouth and I started to suck it hard. My goal is to get his dick hard and stiff. “Keep sucking my cock grandslut” grandpa says. Watching me got my son’s cock hard and stiff. Therefore he pulled it out and pulled my panties down. My cunt always gets wet when I suck dick. That is why his cock slides in my pussy easily. “Mom, you are so wet and gooey,” he says.

“Fuck me son” I moan out as grandpas cock pops put my mouth. Grandpa pops his old hard dick back in my mouth and I continue to suck his dick and get a load out. As my son fucks my cunt, grandpa’s balls tighten up and he starts filling my mouth up. Therefore son started fucking my cunt harder. Finally he started filling mommies pussy up with a thick load of his son semen. The family cheered and the men started lining up for their turn.


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