dirty talking women have family fun and get nasty!

dirty talking women Dirty talking women have been around since humans first learned how to communicate. I’m sure there was some cave woman gesturing and grunting towards her pussy when she wanted to let her man know she needed some dick!
And baby I have had five decades on this planet and each one of them more filthy and nastier than the next. I started out that young bitch serving uncle Cock. And my 20s I was that breeding whore that just couldn’t stop having brats. I love the feeling of being pregnant and my tits feeling up with milk. And I kept that milk for a long time but alas it is time to hand that Milky mama torch to my daughter.

I don’t know about you but seeing your very own bitches round with offspring makes me so horny. I love telling you how I love you to rip open her pussy and fuck the shit out of her. I love seeing her nieces and nephews suckling on her tits as she’s about to push out a brand new life. I love watching her grow and blossom into a mother and watching her bond with her babes. Naughty Nana also loves seeing her finger fuck tight cunny and ass!

dirty talking women have family fun and get nasty!

It seems as if being a grandma has its benefits. No more swollen feet or aching crack teets. Now I can get in the floor and play with my babies. And raising my own to be little whores has them not blinking an eye as I give up there all baby dolls and boys! I consider myself one of the vilest speaking women. Because I love a family fucked and I love it sadistic and kinky! So when you’re in the mood for Dirty phone talk you know where to cum.

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