Dirty Talking Women help their pregnant sister out

Dirty Talking Women were raised in a family fucking home. When my little sister was knocked up by grandpa, she was always horny. Grandpa couldn’t keep up and that is why my older brother and I decided to help out. We had found toys in our parents bedroom to use on her. “You look like you need some help” we ask as we walk in. After we help her undress, our oldest brother puts the nipple clamps on her big swollen tits.

Dirty Talking Women


“Spread your legs little sis” I say to my little sis as I show her mom’s big black dildo I found. Her eyes got wide with excitement. Therefore I stuff her wet hot oven pussy with it. She moans out for more so I push it as deep as I can go. Then our older brother stuffed her mouth with his cock. We both fucked her hard hoping she finally would be satisfied. Her pussy was taking the big dildo so well.

“More, harder, deeper” she moaned out. Therefore I was pounding the dildo hard inside her pregnant cunt.  Finally she started to squirt all over me. Then my older brother started to feed her his thick gooey load. It made her full and tired. That is what family fucking is all about. We just let her rest, I even left the dildo inside her. It was a great sight to see and why I love the family fun we were raised in. It just made us closer and we still fuck.

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