Dirty Talking Women Who Fuck Professors

Dirty Talking Women

Hi I’m Logan! A wild dirty girl who loves taking cock and fucking her professor for good grades! Being a college party girl slut means I rarely have time to go to class or study because I’m too busy sleeping, fucking or getting all dressed up for the next campus party. I don’t worry about my grades too much because when they drop too low I have a secret to boost them right back up. My naughty professor who loves eating my sweet wet cunny is always ready and waiting to help me with my academics. I always go to his classroom after hours dressed as slutty as I can, I sit in his lap and give him sweet kisses before I get on my knees and let him fuck my mouth! My professor loves fucking me right over his desk on top of all the other student’s papers. He fucks my tight little pussy whenever he wants leaving my little twat full of his cum! This holiday season I’m not worried about passing my final exams because me and the professor have been working over time!

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