Dirty Talking Women with Ellen

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking Women is a category I fall under. I am such a dirty fucking slut I will rot  your fucking brain. Let’s just say I don’t fuck around for nothing. This trailer park slut that everyone has dropped a load in is a very dirty slut. I love big thick fat cocks, little tiny dicks cause they are fun getting fucked in the ass with a tiny dick. I mean little tiny stinky dicks like those fat ass truckers need some love too. Oh did I forget to mention that I am a dirty cunt who fucks for money or drugs?

Kinky phone sex

Yea that’s right. If you got a fat ass sac well you’ll need two fat and full sacs for me. A fat sac of something to get me fucked up… And a fat sac that is going to empty that sticky thick load inside of me. Fuck me hard and get me fucked up. The higher I am the more I want to fuck and fuck! I love being a dirty fucking slut and making tons of money by being a nasty fucking whore! Do you think your sweet innocent little ears can handle all of my nasty and dirty words? Or do you just want to fill my mouth up with your cock?!  

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