Dirty Tallking Women are the Best

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the hottest women. You know a gal who talks like a sailor, fucks like one too. I have been a dirty talker since I came out of my mama’s pussy. I don’t want to be a vanilla talker. I am no choir girl. As a prostitute, escort, porn star, stripper and now phone sex whore,  I can tell a dirty story. Not only do I tell a dirty story, I create them too. I am a whore. Been one since a teen girl, so now that I am all grown up, I am just more of a whore. I took my teen daughter to this strip club in town last night for amateur night. She wants to buy a new iPhone, but they are like $600. I told her she could earn that on amateur night in less than an hour. She asked if her age was an issue. It’s “don’t ask don’t tell” at this club I informed her. With enough make up she can pass as 18.  Once we were at the club, all the pervs were on her. I thought why not make her some more money the old fashioned way? While she was on stage working her Lolita magic and raking in $1 bills, I was making special dates for her at $500 for 30 minutes. She won the amateur contest. That was no surprise to me. She felt like she won the lottery when she found out I arranged 10 special dates for her afterwards. That was 5 hours of fucking, but $5,000. That is a lot of money to a teen girl. I don’t take a cut from  my own daughter either. I want her to have her own money. That is less I have to spend on clothes and shoes and makeup and all the other things young girls want. She has decided now that she doesn’t want to go to college. She can make more money as a whore. I know I sure have over the years. Sex always sells.

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