Dirty phone talk

dirty phone talk

My girl is already started off to a really bad start for the school year! She is flunking her math class. I set up a meeting so the three of us can sit down and chat and see if there is anything we can do, to get her a higher grade in the class. Her teacher seems really nice and when I arrive I decided to wear a really tight pin skirt and a blouse that is a button up that shows off my tits really well.

I tell him if there is anything we can do please let us know. I get up and walk towards him and start kissing down his neck, I undo his shirt and pull it out from his pants. I get on my hands and knees and take his cock into my hands. I start to stroke it up and down and motion for my daughter to join me. He can not even say no to us!

I put my lips tightly around his shaft and start pulling his pre cum to the surface of his mushroom head. I let my daughter start licking and sucking on it. His eyes want to roll back, but he keeps them open so he can see me and my daughter offer our mouths to him.

I undress her in front of him. So will you give her an “A” please. I push her down right on his cock. She straddles it and slowly moves up and down jerking his cock off inside her tight little hole.

I think she will for sure pass his class now. She is always here just in case she needs to prove how badly she wants to succeed in your class.

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