dirty talking women

dirty phone talk

I was extremely horny after a long day of errands. I got in the shower and felt up on my body and grabbed my phone and dialed my ex. I may hate him, but when I’m horny and feeling like a dirty talking women, I hit him up. I love having some explicit phone fucks with him. I bring out my favorite toys and start to play. I’m always ready to fuck my cunt for you.

I get wet and ready to play with my clit. I rub it and make its climax. I like when I get so wet that my pussy and ass are moist as can be. I love hearing how turned on I make you. I like listening to you fight the urge to shoot your load is hot. I like causing you stall a bit and build up a huge load.  Then when you tense up and let me know you are about to shoot, I let go too. I love to cum with you. I enjoy fucking myself while you rub one out with me.

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