Dirty Talking Women

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the dirtiest mommies and grannies around. How dirty? My grand angels are home in the daytime for the holidays with me since their parents must work. I work too, but I from home, so I get to be the babysitter. I never mind having them around, but I work talking dirty in the day. This morning, they were listening in from the other room getting hot and bothered from my incest call. My caller was telling me that when he was a little boy, he would watch his mommy fucking other men while his dad was at work. He would steel her cum drenched panties and jack off in them. I know my grandsons have done the same thing! I just have no husband and they do not have to sneak around. I will give them my cum drenched panties any day. Horny little boys cannot stop touching their pee pees when they are young. They cannot stop thinking of their mommy’s pussy either. My sons thought of me and so do my grand boys. It is natural boy behavior. I decided it would be hot for my grandsons to masturbate for me while I was talking dirty to my caller. When I opened the door, all three fell into to the room. Their hard dicks were already out and leaking. They sprayed my face and big tits with cum. I could hear my caller jacking his meat while my boys slapped their meat between my big tits. As I started to lick the boy cum off my 44 EEs, my grandsons started to lick their sexy granny’s pussy. I squirted all over their faces when I heard my caller cumming in a pair of his mommy’s panties. My grandsons are going to entertain me while they are on Christmas break.

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