Dirty Talking Women and P. Daddy

Dirty Talking Women

I was on the phone with my other P. Mommy friends, we’re a group of dirty talking women, when you called to confirm your appointment with my little girl. Today is a very exciting day for my little girl. She has a new P. Daddy coming to see her and while I have been pimping her out for a while. I have not allowed anyone to fuck her tight puckered ass. I initially told you no that her ass was off limits but you offered me so much money that I ended up changing my mind.

I told my little girl that she would be getting a new Daddy today and that we had to get her ready. I told her that things would be a little different than they had been in the past. She ask me what that meant and I told her that her new Daddy wanted to fuck her tight puckered asshole. But first we had to get her little asshole all nice and clean for her new Daddy with an enema. She has never experienced an enema before now.

I filled up the enema bag with some warm soapy water. Her eyes got big and she told me she did not want to do it. I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her over my lap. I spanked her ass until it was red. She was crying and promising to be a good girl. I rubbed some Vaseline on the enema nozzle before inserting it into her tight puckered little asshole. I reached over and released the valve allowing the warm water to enter her ass.

I told her she must hold it until I told her otherwise. She started crying and saying that it was hurting her tummy. I told her she was being overly dramatic and that Mommy knew what was best. Once the bag was empty and a few minutes had passed, I allowed her to go to the bathroom. I then filled up the bag again with just warm water this time and told her we had to do it one more time to rinse out her ass and make sure it was squeaky clean for her new Daddy.

Kinky phone sex

I made a bubble bath and put her in it. I washed her hair and every inch of her sweet young body. I paid special attention to her young bald pussy and tight puckered ass. I told her she must be good for her new Daddy and allow him to touch her anywhere he wants. She assured me that she would be.

When you arrived she was dressed in a short pink dress with white satin ruffled panties. I had put her blond hair in pig tails with big pink bows. You cock got hard just at the sight of her. I told her that you were her new Daddy and to remember what we talked about.

She grabbed your hand and said “Do you want to go into my room and play Daddy?”You took her into her room and told her to suck on Daddy’s big hard cock. She licked up and down the sides of your cock and slid her baby soft lips all the way down to the shaft. You told her that you wanted her to get up on her bed and stick her ass in the air. You started rubbing your hard cock in between her ass checks. You pressed your fat mushroom head against her tight puckered ass and she yelled no Daddy as she crawled forward.

You told her she was not being a very good girl. You grabbed her by the arm and turned her over your knee. You spanked her ass until she was begging you to fuck her tight little ass. You bent her over the bed and pulled her ass checks apart. You shoved your big hard cock into her tight little ass and pounded it as she laid there crying. Her ass was so tight that it caused you to cum rather quickly.

Dirty phone talk

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