Dirty Talking Women are Pain Sluts

dirty talking womenDirty talking women enjoy pain. I am a mommy / soccer mom by day, but at night, I am a total pain slut. I like to do coke and that brings out my nasty freak side. I needed coke for the weekend. Desperation makes me do things most women would not do or even consider. But since I am a druggy whore with a pain streak, I let some dudes torture me for hours in exchange for coke. They wanted to electrocute my tits and put anchor weights on my boobs and pussy lips. They wanted to fist my fuck holes too. I was coked up thankfully because that helped me dull the pain. I was high as a kite as men fucked my ass and cunt with their fists and baseball bats. I could feel my holes gaped. I might have even been bleeding. I am an anal sex whore, but even what they were doing to me was too much. I just focused on the coke I was getting. I need coke to survive. Yes, I am an addict. But my sons love having a druggy whore mommy. Why? Is it not obvious? If I will let strangers abuse me for coke, I will let my own sons fuck me.

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