Dirty talking women do it better!

dirty talking womenDirty talking women do it better, we just do, it’s a fact. I mean seriously every single time I have a good phone session with someone I have to go out and find a man to fuck, that’s how turned on I get. I’m lucky tho because I have a neighbor that is very accommodating to my needs. When I am home alone and really fucking horny all I have to do is text him and he pops right on over. He loves my giant tits and the way I suck his dick, by the time I’m thru he is rock hard and ready to fuck! He fucks me all over my house, he’s so creative! This morning he was real horny too tho so he fucked me right there in the entryway, he didn’t even let me suck his dick first! He just bent me right over and ripped off my panties, it was hot as fuck! He shoved that big hard dick deep inside me and fucked me till I screamed, It was hot as fuck! The only bad part was that I had to take another call right after he finished fucking me, I was so out of breath that my caller could totally tell… but he liked it.

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