Dirty talking women, don’t you love them?

dirty talking womenDon’t you just love dirty talking women? Most men do, right? God, earlier today this total bitch told me that I was the worst kind of whore all because she heard me talking dirty on the phone with one of my boyfriends! First of all, it was really none of her business anyway but the fact that she thought she could call a total stranger a whore pissed me off! So I just started talking louder and when she started to walk away from me I followed her all the way back to her house! She ran inside all scared and offended and I went home thinking that would be the end of it. A couple hours later though, this black dude showed up at my house, he asked me if I was the one that offended his girlfriend earlier and I admitted that I was. I though that he was going to be pissed but he just laughed and said that he had never seen her so riled up before so he had to come see the slut that did it. I laughed and told him that if he really wanted to piss her off, he would come inside and fuck me! Well, he definitely wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity like that! He came right in and stripped me naked in a flash, he was touching me everywhere! God it was so hot, he had a huge black cock that barely fit down my throat, I  was choking on it but loving every second! When he finally fucked me I came so hard that I thought I would surely explode! His cock was massive and he fucked me so hard, it was amazing but honestly, the best part was the fact that I got to fuck that bitch’s man!

dirty phone talk

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